Real Estate

I need some basic information, is there someone I can speak with?

Yes, do not suffer in silence; please contact one of our staff members:
Louise Gilliam – (434) 982-5844, lbg6n@virginia.edu
Charlie Hurt – (434) 982-5914, cwh4cm@virginia.edu

How do I lease or sell my property to the University of Virginia?

Please submit potential properties for sale or lease to Charlie Hurt, Director of Real Estate and Leasing Services. Please include the following information in your proposal:

  • Property address
  • Description of the property
  • Current zoning
  • Lease rates and/or sales price
  • Owner’s name and contact information
  • Representatives name and contact information

How do I lease additional space for my school, unit or department?

Please contact Louise Gilliam, Lease Administrator for Real Estate, University of Virginia Foundation.

Why do I need to fill out a form, and why do I need all of the required signatures?

The University's Space Working Group is responsible for coordinating all requests for additional space. The Space Working Group will consider how best to meet the requested need and if the need cannot be met on Grounds, a referral will be made to Real Estate and Leasing Services with the recommendation to move forward with leased space.

What is the process for leasing space?

Real Estate and Leasing Services will contact your unit representative to review the request and discuss any specific requirements that you may have. Once the leasing need is understood, our staff will conduct a procurement to identify properties that meet your needs.

How long will the process take? I need space next week.

Once the Space Working Group has recommended leasing space, the process generally includes:

  • A market survey or procurement action that identifies a range of suitable properties
  • Initial negotiation with two or more offerors
  • Development of plans for any build-out requirements (offices, conference rooms, etc.)
  • Pricing of the tenant improvements
  • Final lease negotiation
  • Review of lease documents by Counsel, Risk Management and Comptroller.

Depending on the size, condition, and required build-out, 9-12 months is not an unusual timeline.

Are there other items that need to be considered when leasing space?

Additional items that need to be considered when choosing leased space include:

  • Length of the lease; 3 years, 5 years
  • The availability of fiber optic connectivity to the building
  • Cost of internal space build-out
  • Parking requirements
  • Cost of furniture
  • Relocation or moving costs